About Us - Corporate Overview

YoHoldings is a software services firm based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We have extensive experience
in software development. Our experienced staff of professionals has worked with a wide array of
project in the banking, insurance, retail and education industries, using and the best technology
tools and project management in our various projects. We believe in turning your technological
ideas into a reality because software is not just work for us, it’s our calling.

Our Experience has lead us to developing in house solutions using some of the best talent in the
world that handle key problems that we have seen in the industry. We have developed a SaaS
service aggregation gateway that has gained a reputation for its ability to manage agency banking,
voucher management and logistics in the market. We have also a powerful cloud based accounting
solution that is also gaining traction in the market. These solutions are aimed at filling gaps that
we identified in the market and also enhancing the everyday technical need of our clients while to
allow them to do what they do best and make profits.

We have a strong team of highly talented and dedicated staff who are available for support and
developments service. We are continuously retraining and increasing our agent and partner
network to ensure our network can handle all the support needs of our clients.

About Us - Our Core Business

Quite simply: we write code. We have used the experience that we have gathered over the years
and have produced solutions that run as Software services and give the best solutions for the
industries that matter the most to us. We have cloud based solutions that boost productivity and
reach to the banking, retail and educational sectors.

In addition to our SaaS solutions we also offer services that will also assist in an organizations ICT

1. System Architecture and Design

2. Software Development

3. Software Integrations

4. Web Hosting Services

5. Project Management

6. Complete Turnkey Systems

7. Testing and Quality Assurance

Our services are available on both a fixed and variable cost basis. Our goal at YoHoldings is to
become our client’s first choice for software services. To accomplish this, we strive to exceed our
client’s expectations. YoHoldings clients cannot simply be satisfied with the job we do; they must
be impressed. In this manner, YoHoldings strives to build lasting partnerships and ensure client
satisfaction. It is upon this foundation that our clients are confident in returning for future
development needs.

Your dream is not enough

We develop your most memorable and adventurous experiences

Who We Are


To improve people’s everyday business lives and income through the use of technology.


To build solutions that improve the well-being of a society as well as creating a better business


1. There is no box – Innovation

2. Paying attention to detail – Meticulousness

3. Saying what we mean and meaning what we say – Integrity

4. Knowing where our bread is buttered – Customer service

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